Step 4: Get Started!

Ok, now that you have an idea what’s involved with starting your new blog, let’s get started! Follow the directions below to quickly get your blog or website live on the Internet.

Be sure to bookmark this page (press Ctrl-D) first so you can quickly come back between each step.

A) Order Web Hosting (with free Domain):

  • Click here to purchase your web hosting plan, as well as to get your free domain name. After clicking the link above, follow the steps below to set up your web hosting.

    *Note: Be sure to click the link above to receive the current promotion of 65% off!

  • After clicking the above link, click “Sign Up” as shown in the image below:
  • Pick your free Domain Name:
    Note: If you’re having trouble finding an available domain name, email us! Be sure to describe your new blog and we’ll try to give you some available domain ideas.
  • Enter your Contact and Payment information, then click Check Out at the bottom of the webpage.
    Note: None of the additional options are necessary for blogs/small websites. If an option looks interesting and you’re willing to pay the additional money, then try it out.
  • Your Domain and Hosting accounts are now being set up! Check your email for a confirmation (may take a few minutes) and continue to the next step below to set up WordPress on your new website.


B) Set Up WordPress:

    • Check your email for your Control Panel login information – you will also need to click the link in the email to set a password.
    • Log into your website’s Control Panel by clicking here.
    • Once logged into the Control Panel, click the “WordPress” icon in the lower-left corner (see image below).
    • After selecting WordPress, click the Install button at the bottom of the page (see below).
    • WordPress Installation Options:
      • Step 1: Installation Preferences – usually you’d want your blog to be installed in the root of your domain (ie. its homepage, not a sub-directory). If you want it installed in your website’s root, then leave the section blank where it says: Where would you like WordPress Installed?  Otherwise enter the directory’s name, for example, if you want WordPress installed in the “news” directory, then you’d enter news in this section.
        Note: Leave the install version on its default setting (ie. where it asks, Which version of WordPress would you like to install?.
      • Step 2: Advanced Options – Here you select your blog’s title, username and password (remember these – you’ll need them to write on your blog later). Be sure to also check the box beside Automatically create a new database.
      • Step 3: Plugins and Themes – leave this section blank, we’ll cover this more after installation is complete – be sure to uncheck any plugins and themes that are selected here.
      • Step 4: Legal Information – read the license and check the box after you’ve read it, then click the Complete button to begin installation (see image below).
      • That’s it, WordPress has been installed! Continue onto the next step to choose a WordPress theme and write your first blog post!

  • Still Need Help?  Click here to watch a YouTube video showing how to install WordPress and how to write your first blog post.


C) WordPress Themes – Personalize your Blog:

  • WordPress Themes are the easiest way to customize your blog’s look and feel. There are literally 1000s of available WordPress themes, however, the easiest way to find the perfect theme for your blog is to browse through the most popular ones on So, let’s get started searching for a WordPress Theme here. Once you’ve found a theme, remember the name of it and continue below.
  • Login to your WordPress blog to select your new theme. Not sure what the Login webpage is? If your domain name is, then the WordPress login webpage is:
    Note: You chose your WordPress username and password above when you installed WordPress – see “B) Set Up WordPress” above.
  • Once logged into your blog, click Appearance, then Themes in the left-hand menu. Now click Install Themes along the top menu. Enter the name of the theme you want to use and click Search (or alternatively you can search for a theme using the available search tools on this webpage). Once you’ve found your theme, click Install, then after it downloads don’t forget to click Activate to make it live on your blog – it’s just that easy to install a WordPress theme!

  • Want more help with themes? Visit WordPress’ Theme Support webpage for more information, or feel free to contact us.


D) Writing Your First Blog Post!

  • Now that your blog setup is completed, let’s write your first blog post. To do this, once logged into your WordPress blog, click Posts, then Add New on the left-hand menu. You’ll need to do 3 things to publish your first post. 1) Enter Title (see image below), 2) Enter the Content of your Post, and 3) Click ‘Publish’. Now your first post is live on the Internet!

    (Click image for larger view)
  • Want an Image in your Post? WordPress makes adding images and other media to your blog extremely simple. Just click the Upload/Insert link under the title of your blog post. A window will open asking where you want to get the image from – the default option is to upload one from your Computer. Click Browse and find the image and then click the Upload button. Finally, you’ll need to scroll down the page and click the Insert into Post button. Now the image has been inserted into your post. Be sure to click the Publish or Update button to save any changes you’ve made to your post.
  • Want more help with publishing Posts? Watch this useful video to see how to easily publish your first post.

More WordPress Resources:


That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to Email us.

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