Guide to Starting a Blog

So you want to start a new blog or website? Whether you want to start a blog to post about your family’s life, or a blog about politics, or even a small business website – we will guide you through the entire process, with no programming required!


We will walk you through the following 4 steps to get your blog or website live on the Internet:

  1. Domain Name– what a domain name is and how to choose the best one.
  2. Web Hosting – how it works and why it’s necessary for your new blog.
  3. Design – how to make your website look good – without any knowledge of web design or programming languages!
  4. Get Your Blog Started – we provide illustrated step-by-step directions to guide you through the entire process.
What is a blog?  A blog, also known as a web log, is a journal posted on the Internet consisting of entries or posts on a specific subject matter (such as family, politics, etc).

→ Let’s get started! First up, Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name


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